Step 1: Client Interview & Project Definition

Our team first gets to know you, the site and the architecture of your home or office. Together we discuss your desired vision and the problems you aim to solve, based on which we deliver a proposal defining project scope and outlining the specific process ahead.

Site Analysis- The real one.jpg

Step 2: Evaluation, Planning & Design

After definition of project scope we commence a full site inventory and analysis, followed by conceptual design. Deliverables at the end of this stage include a schematic plan (or multiple conceptual options) and a preliminary construction budget. These documents allow you to refine their project vision and begin planning for construction.

Fall Planning.jpg

Step 3: Design Development & Construction Documents

Using feedback from the evaluation stage, we develop the plans to a higher level of detail. Interim meetings with the you may also be held to focus on specific design decisions. Final deliverables will include construction drawings and specifications necessary to competitively bid the project. If needed our team will also provide contractor referrals and bid evaluations. After construction is completed, we deliver a comprehensive design intent & maintenance document for guidance on future site care.


Step 4: Project Oversight

During construction we work as a strategic partner on your behalf and facilitate quality control. Our services include nursery visits, material selection from vendors, and coordination between the building trades. As we position individual plants in the field and hand-select each stone, we’re ensuring your project is built exactly the way you envisioned it.


Step 5: Continuing Care

Post-installation, clients are provided with additional value through regularly scheduled monitoring and reporting. The goals of these visits are project specific but will often include plant health monitoring, care recommendations, annual soil tests and end-of-warranty inspections.