The Power of Outdoor Amenities in the Workplace


Corporate health is an important discussion point of today – more and more companies start taking it seriously. It’s for a good reason - employees are much more likely to work effectively and remain in the company longer if their well-being is respected and taken into consideration. Interestingly, a great part of current innovations related to corporate well-being concerns outdoor amenities. Here are 7 possible improvements in that area and how they can help you have (and keep) the happiest employees around.


Green areas

Do you know the feeling you get when you’re in nature? You feel calm, relaxed and mundane worries are so far away they seem to belong to someone else? Yes, nature tends to have this effect on most of us, including people working in an office. That’s where a living wall could come in! It may not have the exact same effect of lazing in the meadow, but it still can be a great improvement in corporate well-being. Besides, more plants mean cleaner air which is extremely important for brain activity.


A place for quality relaxation

If you were to invest in one new outdoor amenity, that should be an outdoor patio. It offers endless possibilities to create a perfect space for relaxation – you can install a lounging area, game tables or even a fire pit if you want to take that nature vibe a step further. Some go as far as building an actual pool. Whatever you do, a furnished rooftop patio is a stellar addition to the office space that will tell employees their well-being matters and make the office much more pleasant to be in.

Workplace Rooftop.jpg


An outdoor work station

Despite what the traditional approach suggests, the office isn’t always the best place to work in. Imagine – it’s summer, the sun is shining brightly in a crystal clear sky. There are two options: either everyone in the office spends the day dreaming about being outside or has a real opportunity to do so. Which one is more productive? Whether it’s utilizing the patio or the area outside the building, a place where people could work, including comfortable desks, Wi-Fi and power outlets can be a perfect idea to boost corporate health and increase the work efficiency.


An escape from the office

Microsoft Tree House.jpg

Changing the environment can be all that’s needed for an extra burst of inspiration. If you have a chance, take the idea of an outside workspace up a notch and build a pop-up hut or even an actual tree house (looking at you, Microsoft!). The major benefits of such spaces for employee satisfaction and corporate well-being come in the form of reduced stress, improved creativity, concentration and heightened morale.


Better engagement with clients

Another cool way to enhance work enjoyment is building a giant screen outside so that the virtual meetings with clients could be hosted there. It’s an extension of the previous points about working outside and therefore shares all the same benefits that can make the meetings more productive and engaging. However, it’s also an excellent way to show your clients that your company takes corporate well-being seriously and initiates a real change to improve the office environment.


Healthier refreshments

Installing an outdoor bar (or a snack station) can be a nice touch. A snack or a refreshing drink could come in handy during the moment of quality relaxation or fuel a productive work session. It could also elevate the informal team meetings (which could easily happen outside too) from okay to incredible. Having some nutritious snacks might encourage employees to go for healthier snacking options more often – a great step for improving corporate health.


An activity section

Fitness Trail.jpg

If you have a broader landscape to use, it would be a shame to miss out on designing a space to improve employee fitness. There’s a whole variety of options, from a proper functional training setup to a walking track or a yoga/meditation area. The advantages of exercise are huge for both physical and mental health: it improves concentration, increases energy, makes you happier and stronger. Happy and healthy employees are what makes a successful business and that’s the goal to achieve.