RPK Design Group is a team of landscape architects, arborists and horticulturalists who provide innovative designs solutions that help clients discover the unseen potential of their outdoor spaces. We help communities assess, plan, and manage beautification projects aiming to advance ecological benefits such as sequestering carbon, air quality, system energy effects, storm water runoff, land value and aesthetics.

Our unique science-driven approach begins with a thorough site evaluation of the natural and built environment to fully understand functionality, opportunities and constraints. We bring a proven track record of providing innovative solutions that ‘fit’ our project site by balancing goals and sustainable practices with post-construction site operations and long-term budget. RPK’s three-year vision is to become experts in armoring urban centers against climate change. Our core values will help us stand out and continue to raise the bar of industry standards; world class customer service, client education, and a commitment to best management practices.